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VS133-868M-B - People Counting Sensor

SKU VS133-868M-B

VS133 is a sensor that uses second-generation ToF technology to accurately count people. This technology provides more precise depth maps and longer detection distances while maintaining excellent privacy protection. The advanced ToF technology combined with an AI algorithm enables the sensor to handle complex scenes and distinguish non-human objects with up to 99.8% accuracy.

Combined with a Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway users can manage all sensor data remotely and visually. With easy installation and automatic detection of installation height, the VS133 is ideal for entrances or corridors in retail stores, malls, offices, subways, and other locations.


  • Up to 99.8% accuracy combining the 2nd generation ToF technology and AI algorithm
  • Working well even in low-light or completely dark environments with great lighting adaptability
  • Free from privacy concerns without image capturing
  • Allow collecting people counting data by differentiating between children and adults and detecting staff via identification features for clearer people analysis
  • Smart U-turn detection to filter redundant counting of people wandering in the area Support queuing management via dwell time detection and regional people counting
  • Support Group Counting function that based on the distance, moving direction, and speed difference to gain deeper insights into customers' behaviors
  • Wider field angle to obtain longer-distance depth maps and cover a larger area Automatically detect the optimal installation height, facilitating fast deployment and intelligent detection
  • Store a million counting data locally and securely
  • Function well with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers


Measuring Range

  • ToF FoV: 98 ° Horizontal, 80 ° Vertical
  • Recognition Range: 4 * 3m ( Based on 3.5m Installation Height &1.7m Object Height)
  • Accuracy: Up to 99.8%
  • Local Storage: 4GB Flash

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