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UG63-868M - LoRaWAN Gateway

SKU UG63-868M

UG63 is a 8-channel lightweight indoor LoRaWAN® gateway. Adopting, SX1302 chip, UG63 can set up packet forwarding connections between end nodes and mainstream network servers (such as TTN, Chirpstack, etc.).With its compact size and high performance, it is highly suitable for independent deployment of LoRaWAN® networks in small-scale scenarios or single spaces. It can also serve as a supplementary gateway, along with UG65/UG67 or other main gateways, to enhance LoRaWAN®signalcoverage in large-scale scenarios by filling in signal blindspots. it is an ideal supplement for wide indoor areas such as office, parking lots, campuses, etc.


  • Equip with SX1302 chip, handing a higher amount of traffic with lower consumption 
  • 8 half-duplex channels for more than 2000 end-nodes connections
  • Small in size for easy carrying & deployment
  • Desktop, wall or ceiling mounting support
  • Multi-backhaul backups with Ethernet and Cellular (4G)
  • Cover the blind spot of LoRaWAN® network by transmitting data to Milesight UG56/UG65/UG67 controller gateway
  • High-cost performance, suitable for small applications
  • Milesight DeviceHub2.0 & IoT Developer Platform provide easy and centralized management of remote devices
  • Compatible with mainstream network servers like The Things Industries, ChirpStack, AWSIoTCore for LoRaWAN® and etc.
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