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Glass wall panel for VAV Control with TFT display, touch buttons, and temperature sensors.

Modern and Smart Design
High-end technology packed in just a 14 mm thick glass panel makes it one of the slimmest devices on the market. A user-friendly interface of the front glass panel with interactive icons makes the Touch Point fit perfectly in commercial buildings, hotels, offices, meeting rooms, and other places that need a touch of class.

Intuitive Management
Touch Point (TP) panels interact with a user with LEDs that indicate the working status of the device. The display shows real-time measurements from sensors.

Ease of Installation and Configuration
Install the Touch Point your way. Suitable for surface and flush mounting, the Touch Point panel offers an effortless configuration using network protocols or a built-in USB port, even without an external power supply.

Multiprotocol Interface
The Touch Point is factory-equipped with the two most popular open communication protocols, Modbus and BACnet, which are selectable using a DIP switch.

Ultimate Flexibility
Select the color and sensor type. The Touch Point for VAV Control is available in a variety of configurations to suit your building perfectly. Available with a set of temperature, CO2, and humidity sensors. The TP-VAV-HC-DISP version is equipped with temperature sensors.



Technical Specification


Hardware Specification
Built-in TFT display
Three touch function buttons
RS485 interface
USB type C interface
DIP switches for configuration

Temperature Sensor
Range: 0-50°C
Accuracy: +/- 0.5°C
Resolution: +/- 0.1°C

Free software iSMA Configurator

Power Supply
20 - 34 V DC
24 V AC ± 20%


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