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Niagara Cloud Suite - NCS-NDS-SILVER


Niagara Cloud Suite Niagara Data Service Silver Tier Subscription per Year (Active SMA Required for purchase and for service to function)

Niagara Cloud Suite™ is a scalable cloud-based solution that provides secure, remote building management services. This offering provides new integration, connection, and deployment capabilities, building on Tridium’s current model of open and extensible integration with devices, services and applications.

Leveraging the Niagara Framework®, Niagara Cloud Suite offers a trusted, secure source of building data that can be used with the analytics platforms that best meet a customer's needs. Access secure storage of historical trend data and a centralized view of assets for improved reporting and analysis. Remotely access, configure, and engineer Niagara Systems with Niagara Cloud Suite.

Niagara Cloud Suite Prerequisites:

  • Niagara Framework - supported versions
  • Active Software Maintenance Agreement

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