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About the product

iSMA-B-LP-1 is a room unit with 2.3” LCD display and four function buttons. Additionally, the room unit has the built-in temperature sensor and optionally the humidity and CO2sensors.

iSMA-B-LP-1 is powered with 24 V AC/DC and has the built-in  RS485 port (Modbus RTU/ASCII). Use of open communication protocol allows to connect the room unit with any controller supports Modbus RTU/ASCII. Together with iSMA-B-FCU controller, the room unit allows to change the basic parameters such as: temperature setpoint, fan speed, FCU mode and others.

Thanks to built-in USB port, there is possibility to firmware update and room unit configuration without the necessity of power supply. iSMA-B-LP-1 has the modern design and is available in different colours (white is basic) on client request.

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