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AM107-868M LoRaWAN Ambience/IAQ Sensor

SKU AM107-868M

  • LoRaWAN wireless connectivity long range/good penetration, long battery life
  • 7sensors in  CO2, temperature, humidity, PIR (Motion), light, TVOC and barometric pressure
  • Vivid screen ambient readings, CO2 graph etc.
  • Easily connect to Niagara BEMSs using UG65 gateway and Innon API modules

This stylish little sensor allows room occupants to locally monitor ambient conditions and internal air quality to check if they are at the right levels for comfort and conducive to good productivity.

The sensor readings can also be easily transmitted via a LoRaWAN gateway (UG65) to a Niagara BEMS for central monitoring, alarming and logging purposes.

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