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Link IO the Open Protocol, distributed IO System with a 5-year warranty


Link IO is an Open Protocol, distributed IO System with a 5-year warranty designed to help System Integrators access any project from small to large without compromising quality and flexibility.

Innon produces Link IO in collaboration with CAREL S.p.A, an Italian controls manufacturer trusted all over the world in critical control applications.

The Link IO system was designed to allow our clients to access projects where 5 year warranty is required.


You can use Link IO in projects where requirements specify a 5-year warranty and longevity of the brand and manufacturing. It is designed for all the sites where the client has a long term view of owning the equipment and of the life cycle cost.

Link IO is using hardware manufactured by CAREL S.p.A and that is already using in critical control equipment: chillers, air conditioning units, refrigeration cabinets etc.

System Overview

The Link IO system is distributed IO compatible with any BACnet or Modbus enabled controller and can be wired via IP or RS485.

The Link IO system system contains one main unit which can be either Modbus or both Modbus and BACnet with either RS458 or IP connection and up to 10 Expansion Units.

Link IP System Architecture

Product Features

  • 5-year warranty
  • Compatible with any Modbus or BACnet BMS
  • IP or RS485
  • Embedded Display Screen
  • 20 Inputs and Outputs out of which 10 Universal Inputs Outputs 
  • Expandable up to 180 I/O points (up to 10 Expansion Modules)
  • Commissioning using the display
  • Hand/Off/Auto using the display
  • Watchdog for safe operation
  • Built-in stand-alone IO functions
  • Online Configurator

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Documentation and certification

Pdf 07203e634431f4d17e7c6c921cd94f1e9d74d1f6a670624fd1f197332e7ccd38 Link IO Brochure
Pdf 07203e634431f4d17e7c6c921cd94f1e9d74d1f6a670624fd1f197332e7ccd38
Link IO Manual
Pdf 07203e634431f4d17e7c6c921cd94f1e9d74d1f6a670624fd1f197332e7ccd38
Link IO Installation Sheet
Pdf 07203e634431f4d17e7c6c921cd94f1e9d74d1f6a670624fd1f197332e7ccd38 
BTL Certification
Pdf 07203e634431f4d17e7c6c921cd94f1e9d74d1f6a670624fd1f197332e7ccd38 
UL Certificate
Pdf 07203e634431f4d17e7c6c921cd94f1e9d74d1f6a670624fd1f197332e7ccd38 
CE Certificate
Link IO Niagara Palette
Link IO Trend Strategy Blocks coming 12 Nov 2020.



1. Use our web configurator:

Once you have downloaded your required configuration, you can upload it to your main unit. The expansion modules will be automatically configured. You can configure everything in one go.

2. Use the display of the main unit.

Another new feature is the screen which allows you to check the status of points or turn things on and off directly via the screen. This is ideal in projects where you need to turn the heating on, for example, before even commissioning the BMS.

Available Models