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Milesight LoRaWAN Sensors



Milesight is a fast-growing and innovation-driven technology company focusing on 5G, AI, IoT and LoRaWAN. Using their advanced insights into IoT they are driving next-level technology innovation.

Their range of LoRaWAN sensors and gateways will allow you to expand into wireless projects without the drawbacks previously associated with going wireless such as poor battery life and signal strength.

In a climate where clients are more concerned about the air quality around them, you’ll be able to offer them C02 sensors that are simple to install and read, thanks to their built-in display.

Whether used as part of a BMS system or pushing data directly to the cloud, Milesight’s product range will give you access to powerful but easy-to-use technology that every BMS engineer can use. Milesight transitions seamlessly into Niagara usign the Innon Iot API (available for free to Innon Tridium Partners), even commissioning is made simple thanks to the Milesight app.

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