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LoRa / LoRaWAN VOC, CO2, Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

SKU 600-023

You might have tried using Wireless Sensors in the past to find out that they don't work 100% of the time. Just take a look at what other Niagara 4 BMS Engineers had to say about them in this post here.

Issues like short battery life involve extra site visits. And unplanned visits can be costly when they come out of your own pocket. 

Another costly and time-consuming problem is the loss of signal. Configuring the sensors to avoid concrete walls involves many labour hours. 

So you will be happy to learn that you can install this sensor without ever worrying about the battery life and the loss of signal.

Specifically designed for indoor applications in an ambient environment, the Enless Wireless LoRa / LoRaWAN CO2, VOC, humidity and temperature transmitter allows you to monitor occupant comfort levels, thanks to its integrated sensors of temperature, humidity, volatil organic compounds and carbon dioxide (data °C – %rH – ppb – ppm).

The CO2 and the VOC contents are the main indicators of the air quality breathed by users.

CO2, VOC and air quality have a direct influence on the daily comfort of occupants in enclosed spaces, such as offices, and can trigger side effects like fatigue, drowsiness, headaches etc. The odourless carbon dioxide is caused by pollution, and of course from human breathing. Volatile organic compound particles can come from household products, paints, etc… The CO2 content is measured as a percentage of air volume or as “ppm” (part per million). Thus 1,000 ppm is equal to 0.1% of carbon dioxide in the air. The VOC content is measured as “ppb” (part per billion). Thus 1,000 ppb is equal to 0.01% of particles in the air.

Our temperature, humidity, VOC and CO2 transmitter is suitable for many applications and sectors:

  • Housing
  • Public access buildings¬†such as public educational buildings (schools, colleges, high schools, higher education establishments, training centres, etc. ), cultural (museums, castles, sports complexes, libraries, showrooms, city halls, etc. ) and sanitation (health facilities, hospitals, Care Homes
  • Tertiary sector

Our product enables compliance with government, environmental and health laws and requirements for indoor air quality monitoring (IAQ), particularly in public buildings. This monitoring IoT device contributes particularly to the monitoring of vulnerable groups such as the elderly, sick or very young.

Totally discreet, our LoRa / LoRaWan sensor can be fixed to a wall but also positioned on a surface. The frequency of sending information (periodicity) is configurable.

Battery Life

Enless Wireless LoRa Product Range Battery Autonomy

Setup Instructions

Technical Specifications

Dimensions L 105 x H 95 x W 38 mm
Enclosure and IP rating ABS IP 40
Power supply Replaceable D 3.6 V Lithium battery - Low battery alert
Battery autonomy / Periodicity 1 year battery life with 5 mn periodicity / Configurable periodicity
Temperature sensor accuracy +/- 0,2°C
VOC range 0 - 60 000 ppb (1 ppb = 4.5 μg/m3)
CO2 range 0 - 5000 ppm
Humidity sensor resolution +/- 2% rH
Configuration / Installation Radio
Certification CE

If you need help selecting your wireless sensors please read our 5 min guide. 

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