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Teltonika IoT/BMS Routers with 4G SIM and WiFi and Ethernet Ports


The Teltonika routers will enable you to access any site on the planet without worrying about security or internet uptime.

The Teltonika routers will enable you to connect any site into the cloud, whether it is for remote investigation, data gathering or even have safe Internet access with you all the time even in the plant room.

The Teltonika routers are built-in Lithuania into state of the art, fully automated robot run facility. 

When you are using Teltonika routers you will be able to:

  • Have all your sites quickly and safely connected.
  • Have internet for yourself wherever you are even in the plant-room
  • Never lose data and connectivity.
  • Expand your offering to your clients with remote monitoring
  • Expand your offering with the automatic meter reading. 
  • Yes, the Teltonika routers can read Modbus RS485 meters without the need of BMS. Even more, they can convert Modbus RS485 to Modbus IP.
  • Quickly move your data from the site into the cloud using the embedded MQTT driver.

The Teltonika routers are used by all who want to play a part in the Internet of Things from Electric Car Charging facilities to Solar Panes to Metering or ATMs.

We know how frustrating it can be to have to travel on-site because of the lack of connectivity. We also know how much time and effort this requires. 

We also know that you could be avoiding many site visits once you have your site connected to the Internet. And when you have to be on-site, then you know precisely what the problem is and not to mention you will have internet connectivity. 

We partnered with Teltonika because we believe that our clients should feel empowered with the best Internet of Things equipment. You should be able to order these and have them the next day. You should also not spend any of your precious time guessing which models or how to configure your Teltonika Routers.


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