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Create amazing Niagara 4 Graphical User Interfaces with Reflow



Creating an amazing Graphical User Interface over a Niagara 4 system is challenging.
You need to invest a lot in learning and development. You need to pay and attend advanced N4 graphics courses just to get the PX pages to be responsive and work both Web and Mobile interfaces.
And with Energy Efficiency, Air Quality and Remote Monitoring being so in demand, you and your clients will want to understand how the BMS is running.
At the moment you always have to compromise something if you want to offer an excellent Niagara 4 user interface. The existing N4 graphics packages are either too expensive for smaller systems or start at a decent price but get very expensive on a larger system.
On top of it, the learning curve is always very steep, and the engineer's time is expensive. The alternative is to have a third party (MSI) do everything for you, but you lose the solution's intellectual property and uniqueness. Plus, you end up paying long term for the maintenance.
So you will be happy to learn Innon is the first to partner with Reflow in the UK, so we can offer you exclusively as our Tridium Partner a new way of building and offering great Niagara 4 Web and Mobile experiences:


What is Reflow?

Reflow is a Niagara graphics software with a difference. It will allow you to create graphics, floor plans and dashboards in a quick and simple way that will make your work look amazing.

Your histories, schedules and alarms will work without configuration, saving you time and making your job easier.

Your customer will be able to view data on demand, whether the screen in front of them is a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. The best part about this functionality is that it’s built-in, so no additional setup is required, and your client can benefit from a fully immersive experience.

The floor plan editor will allow you to draw zones, arrows, insert images, labels, text boxes and set colours based on Niagara points. You’ll have full control over each element, including visibility, z-order and mobile behaviour.

Reflow is full of features to display devices. The graphics are customisable; they work the same on mobile and desktops and include Niagara point actions out of the box.

You’ll be able to browse devices by building, floor, or equipment type.
You also can use Reflow’s built-in library of equipment graphics or import your own. The choice is yours.

If you want to create a new custom view in PX editor or leverage an existing one, you can embed Niagara views directly inside Reflow pages, including equipment graphics.

Reflow will allow you to import your point list, and it will automatically match point names on devices and link them to equipment graphics and floor plans to avoid spending your time re-naming your devices.

Reflow’s robust configuration options allow for infinite customisation and flexibility when building customer sites. 

Reflow  Reflow



  • Configuration Backup
  • Mobile Navigation
  • Custom Pages
  • Schedules
  • Start Pages
  • Icon Sets
  • Image Tint
  • Built-In Documentation
  • Free Weather Service
  • Manage Licences



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